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The Platform

Automated research platform for metaverse-related technologies. Combines data, natural language querying and artificial intelligence to help navigate complexity and integrity of business and research data across metaverse technologies. Made for geeks, innovators, enterprise, investors and startups

NLP database search

1. Type your question in simple words

2. Get the result in table form

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Metaverse Chat

We uploaded relevant documents into our system and made it possible to have a ChatGPT-like experience, but on up-to-date data

1. Ask a question:

  1. What is metaverse and how it works?
  2. How metaverse can be used in construction?
  3. What are the biggest metaverse companies?
  4. Your question

2. Get the Answer:

Get an answer in preferred format: short, detailed, in bullet points, etc. (put format right after your question in step 1)

3. Continue the conversation in a natural way

  1. You may ask to summarize latest 5 answers or extract keywords
  2. Use information provided to expand the answers
  3. Create an outline for the article or presentation, using our accurate data
  4. Or try your question/request

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